Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kindergarten & 3rd Grade....Here We Come!!

It's time to hit the books!!! The girls started back to school/camp this week. I say it that way because their classrooms at the White Station Church of Christ are still under construction for the next 2 weeks. So until then, they get to put on their uniforms each morning, head to the Cordova campus, do a little review work, and then PLAY!! They had a blast yesterday so hopefully they will continue to do so for the next 8 more days! But they look so cute in their new uniforms and shoes-- they were pretty excited to put them on for the 1st day. They didn't take their new backpacks and lunch boxes though. They want to wait until
the "1st official day of school" for that! So that's been
our week so far....... trying to get back on that school schedule.
Say it with me now... Ugh.

This is what Kameryn thinks about math facts. She's just like her momma...Math is NOT her thing!

"I didn't do it!It wasn't me..."

My girls...... the world is their stage!!


Leslie said...

Wait a minute! Do they go to Harding? Do they have uniforms now?

Wendy said...

Yep! First year. Harding plaid. Super expensive at first, but will pay off. And as you can see, got them big enough to wear hopefully 2+ years.Aren't they super cute?! I would've loved to have uniforms when we were there!!

The Channings said...

Super super cute. I can't believe these girls are so big. They're precious. I love them so much!

Leslie said...

Wait a minute...Harding designed their own plaid. Well, I guess that is original. It would have been much easier for me every morning to wear a uniform than decided what to wear that day.

Look how cute they are for their first day of school. I am such a dork, but I am so going to miss that. I would love to come over and play with your fist day of school stuff.

Blessed said...

So stinkin' cute!!!!!!

I love the uniforms!!