Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'll take 2 please....

So...... I thought (1st mistake) that it would fun to take a little road trip to Searcy, AR and see one of my bestest friends, Deeder, and her hubby and little girl Shelby. Then maybe head to Little Rock the next day for a day in the sun at the water park.Well, we started off really good! We had a great time Monday night hanging out and letting the girls play and walking around HU and seeing all the new things they've done to that place. Made me feel really old, and in a way.... it felt like those 2 short years were a lifetime ago.
However, early Tuesday morning..... I mean like..... 1:15 early morning, Chloe woke us up yelling and crying. Fast forward to next morning after a night of no sleep....."Mom, my ears hurt..... this one (pointing to right ear) AND this one (this time to the left). SUPER. So I make a call to my favorite Doctor Bubba and we get some medicine and Chloe gets some sleep, but by that time..... it was 1 in the afternoon. So we pile back into the car and head back to Memphis. No water park for us this year. BUT on a happy note, I did get to spend some time chatting w/ Deeder and David took Kameryn to the LR Air Force Base that morning while Chloe slept. They had a blast, got to eat at the Burger King on base with all the other people in their BDU's(which Kameryn can now tell you stands for Battle Dress Uniform!) and Kam said it was better than the water park would've been. Gosh, I love that man.

Us sittin' in front of the lily pond.... at least I think that's what they call it!

My girls standing on the really cool lily pool

My kiddos IN the Harding U fountain / baptistry!!

David and Shelby....

David being his wonderfully.... goofy self whenever there's a camera around

I hate that I didn't
get pics
of everyone together. :(
Next time!


Brett, April, Caden & baby #2 said...

Wendy, I found your blog (can you guess?) through Deidre's site. I've been waiting for a good time to leave a comment and I just couldn't resist with this post. There are so many wonderful memories from those years at Harding (in addition to H.S.) the first one that always comes to mind is our little duck. Ha! The picture of your girls in the fountain/, Kameryn has the face of a little Wendy, almost scary how she can make that face of yours. I'm looking forward to learning more about your family and how God has blessed you during our years apart. Please feel free to email and check out our blogs. Love you girl...always have.
--April (Gillespie) Emerson

The Channings said...

It was so good to see you guys! Hopefully Chloe will stay well next time. :) You guys are always welcome! We love you!