Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My New Baby and everything else we've been up to!

Here it is!!! The newest addition to our family! We had just gone a lookin' and they gave us a super deal we couldn't pass up, so on Sunday.....I said goodbye to my gas-guzzling, but very loved Jeep and came home with Sydney Jo the Civic. Yes, that is the name my girls came up with! I absolutely love it. We had read reviews/reports
and had been looking for a while for just the right one, and we really felt that this was what we needed to do.Although a lot smaller in size, the safety features are outstanding and hopefully will never have to be used! The girls love it and hopefully this will save a little bit for our budget here and there.

We've been super busy since the wedding...... we took a weekend trip to New Orleans, had planned a trip to Hot Springs and then had to cancel it, so David took me to Colorado for the weekend!
Just kidding.....we didn't go anywhere, which I was sad about at first, but we had enough snow here in Memphis that was so pretty and SO much fun being goofy in. I didn't have the girls this weekend, but we still got out there and played in the snow like we were little kids!
Here's some of the pics from New Orleans..we are hopefully getting away for the weekend sometime soon!

Hilarious pic of Kameryn during the tornadoes!

At dinner at Emeril's

In front of our Hotel in New Orleans. I can't wait to go back!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Trips and such

Hi! So I really stink at updating this thing. Here's why..... all my wedding pictures are at home on discs. I tried the other morning to hurriedly pull some off onto my zip drive and for some reason it said the zip drive was full. I haven't had time to do a post at home, because I've had 2 major tests, and I start studying as soon as the girlies go to bed. So I have more time at work (horrible...I know) to post new blogs. I'm working on it I promise! We've got pics from New Orleans and hopefully Hot Springs which I will add soon- until then....