Friday, October 26, 2007

The Story You've All Been Waiting For....

Well,as of right now... David and I have been together for 15 months and 12 days-- and time has flown, yet I feel like we've known each other for decades. Which, technically, we have! Here's one of the first pics David and I had taken together...back in 1995. We've got pics back from '93, but they are group shots, and he was always sitting beside his girlfriend! ;)
I have one framed at my house from that summer ('95) that I just love! So anyways.... you might be wondering WHY I have these pics.....Well, I've known David since 1989,but it wasn't until he started working with the youth group at church did he and I start to be friends. We always had fun together, and even though he doesn't believe me.... I always had a slight crush.... :)
But the years took us down our own separate roads and our own experiences until 2006. With God's hand and a little dream.... our paths crossed once again and ever since then....we've been inseparable. He's my best friend. He makes me laugh. He loves God. He makes me feel more special than I ever have, and we have so much fun together. And another plus that melts my heart each time I think about it and see it.... he loves my girls like his own. And that is the most precious thing I have gotten to watch grow. I have watched them slowly fall in love with each other, to trust each other, and to laugh together. We have learned to be like and to love like family, and soon, it will be official. We WILL be a family.

He is an amazing man and I don't feel like I deserve him at all, but I'll take him! Ok, so back to already have the timeline of everything we did and on what back to Saturday...we had gone back to Epcot, visited all the countries... rode some rides.... and then decided to go visit some Disney Resorts.
Us in Epcot

Neither of us had ever stayed in one, but had friends that had, and had told us to go by and walk through one of them. They are incredible. They are over-the-top in true Disney fashion.... and they come with the true Disney pricetag!!! But we wanted to see what we one day hope to be able to do when we vacation, so we headed to the Wilderness Lodge. After hanging out in the lobby for a while and walking around the resort, we decided to head over to the Grand Floridian Resort...the one you pass as you take the boat over to Magic Kingdom... Well, so right beside that resort is the Disney Wedding Chapel. We jokingly pulled into that parking lot and got out and walked up to it, just to see the spectacular-disney-ness of the chapel, but there was a wedding going on soon. So I wanted to stand around and wait for the bride- (I swear I should be a wedding planner-I'm such a sucker for this kind of thing!)so we walked down to the beach and took some pics. Not long after a Cinderella carriage pulled by 5 little white horses and driven by little men all dressed up, pulls up with the bride and her mother!!!
Well, so me being the goofy girl that I am, get all giddy and jump up and down, like it's MY carriage and MY wedding day. So he laughs at me and we head next door to the Floridian Resort.... gorgeous by the way! We eat lunch at the outdoor cafe and talk about our week. And at some point I ask him if we're gonna make it. He gave me a funny look and asked what I meant. I told him that I'd always heard one way to tell if you're cut out for each other is to go on vacation with the whole family.Well, that included MY 2 children this time around. He smiled and asked what I thought. I had already thought about it and figured that if he had survived a week with me and my girls, AND my parents on vacation, and still loved me, then we'd be fine! So we get up and go over to a little alcove off the beach and sit down at that table to chat some more I'm assuming ( now I know why!). We'd been sitting there for a few minutes... and he starts talking about how we'd all survived a week together, he'd taken me around the world (Epcot) and loved me more than ever. Then he pulled out the ring, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. My reponse..."Are you serious?" Followed by squeals and yes's!! Me shortly after getting my ring!

He had the ring all week and had about a dozen ways he was going to do it! But that at that moment, he said he didn't want to wait anymore!! Fast forward to a few hours later...
David wanted to get my mom and the girls rings so he could could "ask" them too! So we went back to Epcot and got them little mickey mouse shaped rings. He asked them that night and everyone was super excited! The only person that knew before me was my daddy, who had graciously given David the OK that morning by telling David he'd never be on time again in his life! :)
So here we are today.... planning a wedding, planning a new life together, and I couldn't be happier!
Me with my Mickey-Bride ears on!!!!!!!!!

Wedding details to be posted soon! Thank you to everyone who has sent e-cards, and best wishes, and everything else. You are wonderful and I love you all!


So it's been almost 3 weeks and I haven't even blogged about Disney. I think it's taken me that long to re-coup, and get back on track. First of all, our trip was Incredible! We had a blast! We were there Monday thru Sunday. And the next time I go to Disney, it will be for at least 10 days. That way you can hit the parks one day, and then rest the next and get ready for the day after. There is just too much stuff to do in a week's time.

It was super hot- Memphis weather with double the humidity, and I think that had a lot to do with our energy levels. BUT we made the best of it and hit the ground running every chance we got!!

We did Animal Kingdom the first day. Magic Kingdom the second(still my favorite), MGM the third day,with naps in the middle of that day so we could head BACK to Magic Kingdom that night for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, which was my favorite part- AND we shut down the park around 12:15 in the morning. We didn't get back to the place until after 1am, and weren't asleep until almost 2! We did sleep in a little and then went to Epcot that day (Friday).

Dancing on Main Street before the parade!

Us with Snow White and the Dwarfs during Mickey's Halloween Party

Me and David at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party...

Girls with Cinderella's Mice!

Chloe and I on her favorite ride...SPLASH MOUNTAIN!!!!!

Mom and Kam

Girls with Belle...

Chloe's favorite princess she met.... Ariel!

Like mother...Like daughter...

Saturday was our last official full day there, and Mom and Dad took the girls to SeaWorld. David and I went back to Epcot and looked in some stores and rode some stuff we didn't get to do before then. We met back up with everyone later that night and went and played minature golf. Then back to the condo to pack up. We went swimming at the pool the next morning before we left and then off to the airport! I could've stayed at least 3 or 4 more days!

Girls playing at the pool...see the water slide in the background...SO FUN! Even for the grown-ups! :)

Love this pic of my parents... they are so cute!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's coming!!!

It's coming ya'll. I promise!!! I will post the whole engagement story, with pics and everything soon!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

If I Make It.....

So David and I are having to fly down 10 hours later to Orlando, not because of work, but because of my classes! I have a test in one of my classes that if I survive,will put me on that plane in a complete vegetative state. As if getting ready for a trip isn't enough.... but I am done complaining b/c I'm so so excited about Disney! It's just the past 2 nights.... I have dreamed about this test. Yes, I have actually had nightmares about not getting there in time, not knowing it, or knowing and forgetting, and it's not boding well for my fingernails, or my attitude.As stated in the previous post....I'm a last minute girl. I was late to my own wedding.... which might have been a sign, but that's a totally different post! But that's the way I am with studying. I am a crammer. But with this test....I just don't think that's possible.So....that means I have to prepare to study. Prepare my notes to prepare to study.Prepare myself to study my prepared notes, so I can study.....and that's something I'm just not used to preparing for!

In the Pink....

Yep, this is the luggage me and the girls will be sporting to Disney! And can I say that I'm loving the color, simply b/c it totally suits us,PLUS, how easy is it gonna be to spot these suckers on the luggage carousel??? That is....if the airline doesn't lose them, in which case I think I would cry. But anyways, the girls are packed, much to my dismay. There is something about packing last minute,in a hurry that I absolutely love. Maybe it goes along with the fact that I HATE being early. Being on-time.... isn't my forte either. I just love the drama of rushing around...throwing it all together in a frenzy. I know, I'm weird. But parents are going to, and my MOTHER insists on going through the girl's things and making sure I haven't over-packed, which i always do, but hey, I've never run out of anything! So the girls are packed.Ugh. Where's the fun in that? I on the other hand, am NOT packed and will not do so until probably Sunday evening. Even that's early for me.Am I weird?