Thursday, November 08, 2007

Am I Crazy?

Ok, so I've been getting these really weird surprised looks from people when they find out how soon David and I are getting married. Seriously? January 19th is over 3 months from the time we got engaged. That just doesn't seem so short to me. I've heard of a lot shorter that's for sure. And it's not like David and I just met either. Secondly, are we crazy for not just going off somewhere and getting married by ourselves? Am I crazy for thinking that our close friends and possibly some family might ACTUALLY come to this? Am I crazy for booking a chapel and having a reception instead of doing it in someone's home or backyard? Am I crazy?? Because I feel like some people think I am. For planning all this and wanting to do this. But is it wrong? Should we just elope and be done with it? Sometimes I just just wish people could be happy for you..... ya know? But am I crazy?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Engagement Pictures

So David and I both agreed to the fact that one thing we really want during the whole engagement/wedding process is good pictures that we both love. SO, with that being said, we hired a photographer to do the wedding, then come to find out that she wants to do engagement and bridal pictures too, at no extra price! Well, that works perfectly because we were wanting a really good shot of both of us to put on our save the date cards, which we are doing in place of invitations. I know, probably not the proper way, but neither one of us wanted a formal wedding, so why do formal invites ya know? These are more fun anyways! Plus, with no more people than we are having.... these are just a fun way of getting our lovely faces out there (yeah right)! So anyways, we had our engagement pictures done last Friday and couldn't be happier! So here are a few of our favorites. We haven't picked out the one for the Save The Date card yet.....

Here's a picture of Chloe that the photographer took. Since she'd come home early with the tooth fiasco,she got to come with us! I thought it was pretty cute!

Friday, November 02, 2007

919th Way To Get Out Of School

Here she is..... my little snaggle-tooth!!!! Her first tooth to come out.... and all the drama that went with it.....earned her a get-out-of-school-early-pass!

All of the blood and excitement made her sick. LITERALLY. So she got to come home at lunch and couldn't be happier! Oh the drama...:)