Saturday, September 01, 2007

Back to School Take 2

Ok, so here's the official 1st day of school pic, with backpacks, lunch boxes and all!! The girls were so ready to go! They have survived their first week and I even let them both out at car line yesterday morning b/c they wanted to walk to their classrooms ALL by themselves. They are growing up so fast!

Ok, so they weren't the only ones heading back to school this past week. I too started my classes! Yes, I know this will be my 12TH year in college, and that's so sad to me, but I'm so close. This semester is gonna be my hardest yet. And then I'll wrap everything up in the spring and finally be done!! I'm not gonna know what it's like to NOT be in school. I will get there though. I have to do this.This picture is of my sweet Louie.... supporting me during my study time.He just couldn't take the pressure anymore!! Pretty sad huh?

I just threw this pic in because I love it. My boys. Aren't they the cutest?!?!
37 days...... that's how long before we board a plane and head to DisneyWorld!!!! WHOOO HOOO!! I can't wait! Haven't been there since my senior trip in High School. Les, remember that one?!??! Hope everyone has a great Labor Day! We've got a busy weekend ahead... I'll post pics soon!


The Channings said...

Cute pictures! Hope things are going well for the girls. And good luck with your own school year. Exciting to think that you'll be done soon! Congratulations!! I forget who all is going to Disney. I remember a crazy phone call I got the last time you were at Disney!

Wendy said...

Maybe you'll get another one!!! :)

Leslie said...

Poor Louie...he looks so tukered out from that hard studying. What is he studying for?

Disney World!!! Great memories. Didn't we learn the macarena (sp?)there? Oops, I just dated us. Fun times ahead for you guys and probably a much needed vacation.

By the way, I heard from coworkers, who recently went, that you need to get the pass that allows you to scan in at a ride, so you can leave and come back when it is your turn. Cuts down standing in line time. My coworkers said it was well worth the money.